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So many students have said, trans students have said; now I can have a point of reference when I talk about who I am. My friends are like, ‘Oh, like Sophia from ‘Orange is the New Black?’’ and they’re like, ‘yeah,’ and then they just move on and it’s not an issue,” she said. “I got a letter from a young, from a trans youth’s mother who said that he transitioned because of me and because of seeing me on the show it gave him the courage to talk to his parents about who he was and they’re supportive and loving and now he’s started his transition. It’s insane. It’s really beautiful.


So I found a bunch of pictures people took of me at the con… and I didn’t make one normal face… 

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We’re not true friends until I’ve harassed you to watch a TV show I’m watching

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Send me the names of 3 men and I’ll tell you who I want as my 

  • Husband
  • Bestfriend
  • Brother

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